How to Engage Introverts into Event Planning

Are you planning your future or just drifting into it?  If your take home paycheck for Event Planning is the same today as it was last year, reveals you’re not making progress in the business.

You can alter that course of direction by changing your way of thinking to attract more audience input in discussions here and now! In addition, the satisfaction you get for bringing different people around one common shared interest is invaluable.

It is easy to associate and get along with outgoing than withdrawn group of event attendants. Outgoing personalities are vibrant and easy to talk to.  Withdrawn persons are cold and hard to strike a conversation with.

Most withdrawn persons dread standing up in the crowd to comment on any topic unless coaxed for opinion.  You can succeed in engaging introverts if you’re aware of three characteristics which make them tick. Use that knowledge to design events around introverts’ active participation in events.

1.     Self Confidence

There is no prescription drug available in the market to cure lack of self-confidence.  Your role in Event Planning is to figure out different creative ways of encouraging introverts in the group to take part.  Slot in games which involve every member of the group’s contribution.  This approach opens up dialogue and creates commonness in the group.

Try out different variety of ideas.  People love stories regardless of their temperaments. Everyone has a story to tell.  Why not ask members of the group to narrate a short story of an event which had profound effect on their life.

2.      Small Discussion Groups

Focused Group Discussions generate interest in freeing space for interaction within small groups.  Each member of the group takes turn to share in the discussion.  Small group discussions are structured frameworks in which the chair person leads in the discussion to involve everyone in Event Planning.

3.     Sharing through Remote Location

Technology is putting power into the hands of ordinary folk including introverts to take part in Event Planning through social media.  Introverts are more at home voicing concerns and sharing opinions through online discussion groups.  This remote channel of communication provides safe haven to avoid face to face encounter.

4.     Set Aside Time and Place

Set aside an all-inclusive activity in Event Planning schedule to encourage mixing and mingling of extroverts and introverts. Internet cafes, quite spots present opportunity for different individuals in the two main categories to interact with each other in Event Planning.


Extroverts and introverts have things in common to share in Event Planning sessions.  Your task is to get attendants shed off old skins and prohibitions to participate fully in group discussions.



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