The Introverts’ Guide To Party Planning

party planning for introverts

Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t plan a fun party. You might need to put in a little extra work to make sure it vibes with your personality, but EventKickstart is here to help. With this event planning guide written especially for introverts, we’ll make sure you and your guests have the best time at your party!

1. Decide on a time limit and don’t go over it.
As an introvert, you know that your capacity to be around other people is limited. You love your friends and family, but being social can really take its toll on you. When planning a party, don’t be afraid to set a time limit! You may want to build in a little buffer time for stragglers, but don’t be afraid to start cleaning up or announce the party’s “closing ceremonies” when it’s time for everyone to head home.

Also, make sure the party is during a time of day that your energy level is higher. If you normally need quiet time in the evening to unwind, set your party for an afternoon. If you’d rather take the day to save up your social battery, have the party in the evening. You know yourself best.

2. Strategize with the right seating arrangements.
Chances are, you enjoy intimate conversations with smaller groups of people. If you anticipate your party getting a little rowdy, you may want to have a separate area set up aside from the main room so you can talk comfortably with guests. Backyard patios and dining rooms are perfect spaces to get away from the crowd. You can also set the overall vibe for the party with your seating. For example, chairs around a fire pit set the tone for a chill evening with warm conversation and laughs. Only a few chairs inside encourage people to mingle and float from group to group instead of settling down.

3. Food and drinks? Self-serve is the way to go.
Setting up a buffet for your guests is the easiest way to be a gracious host! Don’t worry about serving everyone; just lay the food out and let your guests serve themselves. Vegetable or fruit trays, chips and dip, or crockpot appetizers like meatballs are classic choices. If the weather is nice, take the food outside and fire up the grill! Hotdogs, hamburgers, and s’mores are simple party foods that are always crowd pleasers. Put tableware, utensils, napkins, and cups within easy reach on a serving table. Don’t forget condiments or other extras for the food. Lastly, make room in your fridge and have guests bring their own alcohol, then you’re set. You could always make things really easy on yourself and hire a caterer, too!

4. Have a chill party with the right soundtrack.
The music you choose can have a big effect on what type of event you’re hosting. This helps set the tone and conveys to your guests what type of get-together you want. Music is a must for a party, but if it’s too loud or has overwhelming beats, you may get stressed out pretty fast. Give yourself a break and focus on having fun.

5. Don’t neglect your extrovert guests!
Let’s face it, not all of your party guests share your introverted side. But you love them anyway! And why shouldn’t they enjoy the party too? You may not want to join in, but setting up a rowdy board game or video game may be just what they need. Remember, if the outbursts and wild competition get to be too much, you can retreat to your safe haven seating area.

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