Six Truths You Can’t Live Without as Event Planner.

What does it take to become a great Event Planner or even hire an event planner?  Tact, tenacity, training, all of these traits play important roles in distinguishing the best from the rest.  Figuring out the right combination presents many with the greatest challenge in this field.   Here are six truths you wish someone told you at the beginning of this career.


You want the outcome of the event to turn out the way it was planned. You’ve set standards to match the expected outcome.  Yet when it comes to implementation, cracks are bound to show up in the plan. Don’t abdicate your responsibility of Event Planner due to one misstep in the program.

Rise to the occasion.  Take control and lead in rescuing the situation. You don’t allocate time for worry in your planning.  Why should worry creep in and chew up valuable event time schedule?

In the middle of all the activities taking place during event, you’re quick to notice something gone wrong without giving praise a second chance for a job  well done in coordinating people and activities in the event.   Perfection is not of this world. Be flexible within reason.


When you took up a career as Event Planner, you signed up for the whole package. Monetary gain is a welcome relief at the end of the line.  In between is wear and tear of the body from exhaustion.    The activities are less tedious if they’re fun filled. Let the job become your playground.


Be thankful when someone walks up to congratulate you.  Be humble if no one does at the end of backbreaking event.  Humility is part of this job description.


You can give offense without knowing it.  If you sat and thought of how many people will get offended during event, you wouldn’t marshal the courage to become Event Planner.

Let your confidence exude your fears in this demanding customer oriented role. However, be sensitive to other people’s hurts.

No Gain without Pain

You’re tuckered out at the end of day’s nonstop hard work to stay on course in organizing and managing activities.

Be nice to fade in the background and take a break from time to time.  You can’t.  Not until the end of the event.  No use whining over it, love it and live with it for there is no gain without pain.


You hardly stop to appraise and give credit to the Event Planner.  Next time you attend event, look out for the good in the event.  Take note of the quality of sound, lighting, special effects, seating, floral arrangement and enjoy the pleasure of being part of the event as guest.


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