Five Steps You Need to Know to Improve Event Planning

What is your favorite pastime? You enjoy taking the dog out for evening walks in the park, jogging seven kilometers every morning or walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift to the office.

Any of these activities will give you the same satisfaction and benefits you get from conducting an event waste audit if you take the following five steps to improve Event Planning.

Make out Purpose

You know what you want out of life. You don’t set out on a journey without knowing your destination, how to get there and what you need for the journey.  In the same way, you need to make out purpose to succeed in planning events.

Nothing works in your favor to improve event planning as a set of clear standards.  It is not enough you have set clear standards.  You need to share the same with members of the staff, vendors and participants involved in the activities to improve your event planning period.

Map Out the Perimeter

You’re constrained to work within specific budget perimeter of time, human and monetary resources.  Take a close look at each of the items in your budget allocation to identify which area or areas need more attention to guard against waste in food and exhibition facilities.

Map out ways of cutting down cost to improve event planning exercise by devising creative ways to engage in the exercise.

Mark the Waste Streams

Where do you damp waste audit?  Verify your values in waste audit disposal procedure to ensure efficient and effective outcome of the process.

Be sure to put in place waste disposal point where waste audit from different areas are not mixed with yours and others in the same damping place to improve event planning overall objective.

Members of the Same Team

Waste audit exercise involves staff, vendors, catering, exhibitors, management team and event attendants.  Your role is to enlist and coordinate waste managers from different areas in moving equipment during the event, loading, setting up and tearing down at the end of the event.

Take time to inform waste managers of best practice procedures in auditing waste to improve event planning at all stages.

Make Improving Event Planning Fun Filled

Figure out creative ways of accomplishing the mission to improve event planning by making it fun filled. Include meal time and breaks with quality soundtrack in the background to provide ambiance and keep the tempo of the event lively.


Waste audit entails cleaning up after fanfare.  But it is as important as other activities in the main.

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