When Thank You is not Enough Appreciation

Where do you find creative ideas to thank participants who have spent their hard earned money, time and energy travelling to be part of your event? You can show sincere gratitude for their sacrifice in one of five ways.

1.     Gift Items

When “thank you,” isn’t enough, accompany it with gift items to express your gratefulness.  Not many would turn down a free gift in exchange for appreciation.

Make sure the gifts are valuable items to the participant.   How do you determine what is valuable?  Survey is a good way to get gift selection attendees would appreciate.

2.     Free Food for All

Food has some of the most significant associations in the life of human beings.  The mere mention of food conjures up numerous images in our minds- a mother feeding her baby, a family celebrating important festival with food consumption.  Who would say no to good free meal?

Additional expense is the downside.  But the benefits of giving thanks to attendants for making time to be part of the event are many.

3.     Social Networking

If you’re not connected online through social media, you’re out of league and reach of the clients.  Tweeting and retweeting is the name of the game of saying thank you in a special way online.

Social networking is quick, efficient and effective method of keeping in touch and letting your guests know you appreciate their participation in the event.  Encourage your guests to guest blog and share their experience and you’re a milestone ahead of the competition.

4.     Recognition of Attendees

Event attendants have heeded your invite to come, take the time to recognize some if not all due to time limitation.   If you’re observant, one quick glance through the audience is enough to make out who is in attendance.

You show loyalty through recognition of their presence in the event.   Try and mix first timers with familiar faces in putting spotlight on attendees to balance and even out recognition session.

5.     Creative Exciting Thank You

Nothing bores clients as standard form letter spinning in the mail.  No wonder most of them wind up in the trash box. It is a sign of good event proof to come up with creative different ways of conveying special thanks.  Ditch the tired old overused form letter, think of new exciting methods of saying thank you through personalized messaging.




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