Six Basic Truths You Can’t Do Without In Planning the Wedding Day

One of the most interesting events in the life of individual is the day of the wedding. Not only does this occasion mark the rite of passage from one stage of life to the next.  You spend money, energy and time planning for this one day event.

Planning a wedding is daunting if you don’t take into consideration the following seven essential elements to make the day count.

Manage Available Resources Well.

How much money you spend, depends on the kind of wedding you want.  You set aside money to suit the desire of your heart for the wedding budget.

Overall, a wedding is an expensive affair no matter how simple you want the occasion to turn out. The secret is to manage your resources well.

Spend on impulse and the budget goes belly up. If you spend more on flowers, you need to cut back on another item to cover for the deficit.

Map Out Details

You’ve settled on the wedding date.  Your to-do list contains all the items and reference for vendors and back up contacts.

  1. Guest List
  2. Sound Equipment
  3. Catering – Food and beverages, caterer
  4. Wedding Venue/Owners
  5. Floral Arrangement
  6. Wedding Gown Boutique

Meet with Vendors

Weddings aren’t stand-alone activities.  Make a point of meeting with vendors and visit venues.

Master Alliance

No matter the involvement, big or small, every member of the team contributes to the success of the day.

Have a coordinator take care of eventualities.  Zippers, dresses, missing center piece, any of these would foul up the event.  Be prepared.  Stay calm.  Stay focused.  You can’t go wrong with this time tried, tested and trusted truth.

Make the Day Count for Everyone

You want a win-win situation at the end of the event.  Be creative.  Go the extra mile to make special gifts for the wedding family, customize welcome bags for wedding guests. It’s the thought which counts most after the wedding is over.

Make No Mistake

Make no mistake.  Weddings come complete with compliments and challenges.  Not everything goes according to plan.  Unexpected items you didn’t plan show up in the course of the wedding.  The wedding event planner need to periodically refer to the checklist to stay on course.


Weddings take time, energy and resources.  Be sure to plan it well.



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