How to Choose the Right Wedding Jewelry

So you know what kind of dress you’ll be wearing.


Now we need to accessorize.

This is the first of a 3 part blog post. Today we’ll be looking at jewelry.

Match jewelry to neckline infographic

When it comes to wedding jewelry, there are 3 basic rules:

  1. Match Jewelry Type to Neckline
  2. Mach Metals to Dress Color
  3. Match Jewelry to Hairstyle


1. Match Jewelry Type to Neckline

Match jewelry to neckline infographic

If you’ve got thicker straps, or a lot going on around your neckline you want a thinner, simpler pendant. Contrast this with bigger earrings. If you’re wearing a short-sleeved dress, you should also consider a bracelet, and if you’ve wearing a halterneck you should focus more on on the hair accessories. V-necks need something to adorn their neckline, such as a pendant or a choker. The deeper the V-neck, the bigger your pendant can be.

If you’ve got thin straps, or a wider neckline you can wear a bigger statement necklace. Balance this with smaller earrings.

Start with one bigger, focal piece of jewelry and work around it.


2. Match Metals to Dress Color

Match jewelry to neckline infographic

A pure white dress is very bright, so gold or silver will clash with brighter white hues. We recommend accenting in platinum or with pearl detailing.

Off-white color aren’t as bright, so you’ll want brighter jewelry. Here you’ll want big gold or silver pieces.

Gold works well with Ivory dresses, as it highlights the creamy tint of the fabric.

With light pink you’ll want to stay away from gold as the colors clash too much. Try neutral colors like silver and pearls or similar colors like rose gold.

An important point to consider is your dress will probably be embellished with beadwork or some sort. Let the type of beadwork dictate the color of your jewelry. If your dress has silver beading use jewelry with a silver base.


3. Match Jewelry to Hairstyle

Match jewelry to neckline infographic

With high hair you’ll want statement earrings, or bigger drops. Chandeliers work very well with high hair, because you’ve got enough space around your ears for them to stand out.

With lower hair you won’t have enough space (or light) for your earrings to shine, so stay away from chandeliers or other big earrings, and get something smaller.

If you’re wearing your hair down you’ll want to play up the necklace since your earrings will mostly be hidden by your hair. We think headpieces look best with low, loose hair, especially if they cover your ears or flow down the front.

As always, choose one big item, and don’t let your accessories overpower each other.

 Wrap up

And that’s all there is to it. 3 simple rules to look your best on your best day. And remember:


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