3 Ways To Boost Your Brand As An Event Professional

We’re well into the first month of the new year — have you reviewed your marketing strategy as an event professional yet? There’s still enough time to revisit your current strategy and implement ways to build your brand and keep satisfied clients coming back for more engagements. Here are 3 proven ways you can boost your profile as an event pro:

Consider Your Customer Service

Constantly being on the lookout for new ways to improve your current services and increase customer satisfaction is one of the best ways to retain happy clients. Take a look at some practical steps you can take:

  • Invest in sessions with an industry consultant
  • Take a course or a series of courses in your industry
  • Attend similar events to observe other vendors
  • Join trade organizations
  • Attend industry-related functions as much as possible to increase your knowledge
  • Subscribe to a professional journal or newsletter

Build Up Your Event Professional Business Card

Don’t underestimate the power of your business cards — it’s definitely not a relic of the past! This small but powerful marketing tool is still very useful in today’s digital age, and a clear, professionally printed business card is still crucial.

Include your business’ name, contact details (phone number, email address, and website URL), your name, title, and logo. Most event professionals choose tri-fold business cards that can still fit in wallets, but can also accommodate client testimonials and other information.

Always have business cards ohand; you never know if you’ll run into a potential client. Ask other vendors with whom you work with if you can exchange stacks of cards to be placed in each other’s business location.

Invest In An Informative Brochure

Just like your business card, a well-designed and developed brochure can help cement your image as an event professional. Whether we like it or not, prospective clients will judge your company based on your marketing materials, so make sure it’s produced at the highest possible level.

This brochure must include all your contact information listed on your business card, as well as photos that provide a clear picture of what clients can expect when they hire you. Photos of successful events you were part of are very helpful, and you may even include a photo of yourself at an event.

Match the design of your brochure to the type of business that you have. While all marketing materials have to look professional, remember who you are marketing to. If your events business targets the budget-conscious set, a brochure that looks ultra glamorous and upscale might send the wrong message and turn off potential clients in your ideal market.

Just like with your business cards, offer a brochure exchange with other vendors that you have worked with.

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