Basic Tips For Event Photography Success

tips for event photography

The best event photography transcends fleeting trends and dated shots. Lackluster images can hamper a photographer’s success and lead to unsatisfied clients and negative reviews. To make sure your photography is as timeless as possible and builds positive word-of-mouth, you need to take photos that are as close to the live experience of the event as possible.

Before even picking up your gear or even checking EventKickstart to hire a seasoned photographer, having a clear vision of your event’s key message is crucial. Whether you’re taking photos for the client’s Instagram page or their personal albums, these helpful tips for captivating event photography will level up your skills and help you book more clients.

Have one clear goal or key message in mind

To keep things simple and cohesive, consider the key message you want to convey with each shot. Then, try to be as deliberate as you can when framing the photo. Remove distractions that might conflict with your goal or message.

Formal events or corporate dinners where all attendees are seated requires a lot of creativity on an event photographer’s part so he or she can get a good mix of compositions. Interesting angles are a must for variety.

Show the guest’s perspective for authentic event photography

Allow the client, other guests, and even prospective customers to easily imagine or remember what it was like during the event. When you take photos from a guest’s perspective, it’s easier for them to visualize it. Make them an active participant instead of a passive viewer by pulling them into the action.

For example, if you’re taking photos of a restaurant opening, it would be better to show ingredients or plated meals from a top-down perspective or a “flat lay” photo, instead of just the typical wide shots of people eating.

Get more creative with shots to avoid repetitiveness

Don’t be afraid to mix things up! Try to give an inside look of what happens backstage or behind the scenes. If you can afford to give unique aerial shots, that would be even better!

While shots of the guests having fun are a must, it’s also essential to take more abstract photos that aren’t focused on people. This is especially important if you’re capturing a professional business event.

Where possible, avoid artificial lighting and flash

In the process of capturing great moments, take advantage of all the natural lighting that’s available in your venue. Do your best to avoid artificial lighting, especially on-camera flash, because it can look jarring and unnatural. If flash is needed, try to get your subjects to turn to slightly turn to the side as this angle reduces red eye.

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