Grow Your Events Business With Fewer Clients

Grow Your Events Business With Fewer Clients

No matter what your profession or business is, there comes a time where we feel like it’s best to just chase after every possible booking or sale. After all, more clients means a better business, right?


This is a big misconception and it can actually damage your business in the long run. If you’re trying to sell your services or products to those who aren’t your ideal clients, you might be spreading yourself too thin and risking losing the ones who are.

Remember that you can’t be the ideal solution for all people. If you attempt this, your message might sound watered down and generic, making it difficult for clients to form a genuine connection with you. This is especially true for those who work in specific events, such as weddings, birthdays, etc. After all, we know that choosing a planner (and most other vendors) tends to be an emotional decision for clients.

What makes your events business unique?

Focus on your expertise and what makes your services special. What are you unique selling points? Emphasize where your skills like and what kind of clients and events you love and work best with. This way, it’s easier for you to focus your marketing efforts on finding these ideal clients. Quality trumps quantity even in the event professional industry!

When you try to market to all types of clients, it’s harder for you to gain sales because the majority want to be able to visit your website and see if you’re the right professional event vendor for them right away.

Filter Out The Clients And Events You Don’t Want

Customizing your website and marketing materials doesn’t just help your clients; it also helps you filter out the type of clients you don’t want or events you’re not interested in. The both of you now save time and energy that would have been wasted on calls, meetings and emails that could have been done away with if your marketing was more targeted.

Don’t be afraid of turning away potential customers who don’t match your criteria. Your time gets more and more valuable as you take on more clients, so it’s best to focus on your priorities. Work on attracting your ideal clients while filtering out the ones you don’t feel are a good fit for your business and see how this marketing approach changes your business in a positive way.


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