How To Plan A Corporate Holiday Party

plan corporate holiday party

Yes, it’s that time of year again — your corporate holiday party is just around the corner! That means it’s also time to start planning your upcoming celebrations. A lot of time and effort goes into corporate party planning, so starting at least a month and a half early gives you a lot of leeway (and less stress and panic). EventKickstart is happy to help you kick things off! From entertainment to venue, here are the points you need to consider so you can host the best corporate holiday bash ever!

When is the best date and time for the corporate holiday party?

Before anything else, determine the date of the event. Will you be celebrating a specific occasion, such as Christmas, or a single party for all winter holidays? If it’s the latter, try your best to plan the celebration between the important dates and never on the exact day itself (Hanukkah ends on December 5, Kwanzaa begins on the 26th, and Christmas is on the 25th). Announce the date as early as possible so everyone can pencil it in on their schedule. Another advantage of planning early is that you get to avoid the rush of racing against other holiday parties and employees are able to clear their schedule for your event first.

The time of your party is also an important thing to consider. A daytime party is often an overlooked option, but the reality is that setting aside a few hours around lunchtime is an ideal way to make sure that all employees are able to attend the event. Of course, the vibe is completely different compared to a party that’s held after office hours are over.

Where will the party be held?

Next on the list is your party’s venue. If you have enough space, then your workplace is the most cost-effective option! There’s always the risk of things getting a bit messy and if you don’t like the chances of damaging company equipment, it’s smarter to go elsewhere. The venue depends a lot on your company culture — it can be held at a local restaurant, karaoke bar or even a co-worker’s home. If a particularly large number of people will be attending, consider a large ballroom or conference room. Need a hand looking for the best venue for your corporate party? We’ve got you covered at EventKickstart.

What’s on the menu?

Is the venue confirmed? Now it’s time to talk about the menu. When it comes to food, things can get complicated with people’s different diets and lifestyles. Serving simple appetizers and cocktails are best if the party’s only for a few hours, but if it’s any longer than that then you should serve dinner.

Let your guests know so they can plan for it accordingly. Large office? You should definitely consider a caterer.

Don’t forget the entertainment!

Encouraging employees to loosen up and shake off the work stress is easier if you add a little entertainment. EventKickstart knows the best in the biz. The popular acts for corporate parties are cover bands, live music, comedians and good old Santa Claus. Make sure to book them as soon as possible because the holidays are usually the busiest dates for event pros!

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