How to Give Your Event Planning Clients a Hassle-Free Experience

Clients hire event planners for a good number of reasons. But whatever those are, one thing remains constant – they hire event planning professionals to get that problem-free celebration that will make their precious moments even lovelier to look back on.

How will you, as an event planning expert, make this a consistent achievement for both you and your clients? Here are some sure-fire ways to give them exactly what they need and want, hitch-free:

1. Do not be afraid to ask questions – Clients differ from one another. Some are quiet and reserved, others are outspoken and demanding. A number of them know exactly what they want, some will leave everything up to their event planner. Whether you get one or the other, or encounter someone who is a mix of both, make it a point to express your doubts, points of confusion, or aspects you want to clarify by politely asking questions.

Event planning is a detail-loaded job, you can easily get lost in translation or assume differently from what your client originally wanted. Before the gray areas become a problem, make sure to shed some light on them from the very first meeting.

2. List down the important aspects and get into an in-depth discussion about them – An organized event planning professional should always be ready with lists, including that one detailing the various stages of the event that you want your client to work with you on. Sit down with your point of contact following a strict timeline, and go through each heading on your list. Tick off items you have already discussed, and make sure to mark those that you and your client may need to focus a bit more on.

Regular meetings, even just through chat or Skype calls, enable you to touch base and evaluate goals you have attained and those that still need some work. This way, you do not miss out on either minor or major aspects, and your client can see and track your progress as well.

3. Leave some wiggle room for changes or adjustments – During the event planning stage, you can expect that not everything will work out the exact way you want them to. Be prepared for those moments by making room for allowances in your supplier list, setup plans, and budget allocations. Consult your clients on second and third choices, and have them pre-approve alternatives so you can keep the event planning wheel going when you encounter those minor obstacles. Being a step ahead of those challenges will help you give that sought-after smooth-sailing experience.

4. Pay attention to each and every detail – Does the dessert buffet supplier’s setup match that of the caterer’s? Do the flowers in the ceremony complement that of the reception’s? Will the band arrive in time, amply rehearsed, ¬†before the guests start pouring in? They may be small details, but it is from these seemingly minute aspects that things can start tumbling down. Colors can clash, entertainers may arrive late, food can get spoiled, and decor may end up not actually reflecting the look you and your client were going for. The extra effort you take in closely checking color swatches, doing trial set-ups, staying in constant contact with event suppliers, and looking into each and every detail will allow you to guarantee that hassle-free, perfect event that all clients want to have.


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