Five Traits You’d Want Your Event Planner to Have

You’ve heard of success stories, but you’ve chanced upon some horror encounters too. The latter is something you’d never want to be the one to tell when sharing memories about a recent celebration.

Make the first step towards worry-free, unforgettable moments by finding the best organizer for your event. Give yourself a good start – be on the lookout for the following event planner traits:

1. Communicative.

The first few stages of organizing an event is in reality, more talk than action. They’re all about establishing themes, formulating design concepts, discussing logistics, and laying out budget limits. More than anything else, these tasks require a dynamic and efficient two-way communication between the person hosting the celebration and the one planning the event.

An event planner who gives timely responses to your inquiries, provides updates consistently, and relays comprehensive details is someone that’s definitely worth considering for current and future events.

2. Out-of-the-box creativity.

You want a party that’s not just pretty but special too. You want it to be fun, and if possible, incomparable to other celebrations. What you need is the best event planner who is able to take a basic concept and give it a unique twist, without failing to match your design and logistical requirements.

Look at a planner’s body of work. Does it complement the taste and style level you are looking for? Does the output look more interesting than others you’ve seen before? A yes answer should merit some kudos, and consideration for repeat work. Another complementary trait to this is resourcefulness. Someone who has creative concepts and innovative ideas in implementing them is definitely for keeps.

3. Well-organized.

Coordination is an aspect of event planning that must be rendered with full-time dedication and excellent time management. Make it a point to work with event planners who have a systematic approach. These planners are the ones who will give you a detailed timetable, and will take your schedule in consideration too. They come armed with checklists at every meeting and will remind the staff (and even you!) without fail to ensure no one misses out even on the smallest details.

Their time management abilities are so on point that even with a tight schedule and demanding deadlines, you’ll still end up with a hitch-free event. A well-organized event planner is guaranteed to give you a celebration that you will fondly look back on.

4. Courteous and amiable.

No one wants a ‘monster planner’ on his team. The person you’d want to help you create beautiful memories is someone who is pleasant to work with. This event planning expert gets things done and at the same time promotes teamwork and a positive attitude.

There may be some high-pressure situations along the way, like getting your preferred date blocked off in an in-demand venue, bringing all your suppliers to a long-distance location, or coordinating traffic and parking provisions in the area on the day of the event. This planner will face each one with a smile and will continue being a team player.

5. Flexibility.

Changes are part and parcel of planning events. Sometimes they are minor and are relatively easy to deal with. But,  they can easily become major challenges too. A flexible event planner will be able to rise up to the demands of the situation, and adjust to what the present circumstances require. No amount of panic or pressure will be passed on to the client.

The ideal planner will also be a quick thinker who can provide solid solutions even with the burden of time pressure.


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