Five Helpful Tips An Event Planner Should Never Ignore

Event planners are usually the main hub of operations in an event planning system – the client gives them his instructions, preferences, and deadlines. The event planner on the other hand, delivers a hitch-free, unforgettable celebration. Sounds like a seamless set-up right? Technically, it is. But there are some little cracks and crevices that can crop up when the event planner fails to pay attention to certain details. Here are some tips for event planners that definitely deserve a highlighted space in your notebook:

1. Know the electric capabilities of your venue. 

Party equipment is a big part of any event. Lights, sound system, projector equipment, and other small and big electrical devices make up a good number of gatherings and celebrations. “Can the venue manage this load?” then becomes one of the must-ask queries for an event planner. And with the now common need for charging ports for the smartphone generation, knowing how many and where the electrical outlets are, also comes in handy. This is also important in avoiding electrical overload.

2. Print things out. 

Oh yes, one can always save lists and other written particulars in his laptop, smartphone, or tablet. While this is a fail-safe option, having printed copies of important lists like daily agenda, task assignments, and the like will prove helpful in keeping an event planner’s staff and his client in the loop of what needs to be accomplished, and what has been done so far. Print out multiple copies so you always have one handy in case an extra sheet is needed.

3. Keep careful track of detail changes. 

An in-demand event planner’s life can get really busy. Then suddenly, your client will change the color motif from dark to light blue, change the venue from this place to that, or add a number of guests to the list. If you are tasked to do event planning for several clients at a time, then all these little details can get lost in the jungle of other event particulars that you have to take note of. Be vigilant in noting, organizing, and keeping track of these as a single point of confusion can easily send you on a possibly chaotic spiral.  Make sure to inform your client that any request for changes should be done in a manner that’s easy to document and save for reference – which is either through email, text messaging, or chat messages.

4. Plan an engaging program.

In addition to food and decor, one of the key aspects to a successful celebration is an appropriate and fun program. As an event planner, you must make sure that your client and his guests are able to enjoy every single moment of the time they spend in the venue. Formulate a comprehensive program that ensures they are entertained, engaged, and well-considered during the entire time. Work with entertainment suppliers with positive, glowing reviews.  A party with no dull moments will effortlessly bring you more future clients.

5. Extra supplies are a definite must-have.

An extra pen, a few safety pins, needle and thread, markers, an added roll of mounting tape – these small supplies may seem trivial and unnecessary to a party, but you’ll be surprised how many times these minor things are not available when they’re absolutely needed. As an event planner, it is essential that you are prepared to deal with the unexpected by stocking up on these items, and having a ‘get-and-go-bag’ that you can bring to all your events will prove to be a brilliant idea. For detail-rich events like weddings, you’d also want to work with your client on bringing an extra set of important items. This can include a pair of shoes (heeled and flats), extra stockings, extra bag of favorite munchies, and other essentials.

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