Event Planning 101: What Is an Ideal Venue

For any important celebration, whether it is grand, simple, big, or intimate, the journey begins with finding the perfect venue. Event planning gets a good kickstart once you spot that ideal place to hold your party. So, how exactly do you  identify that one perfect venue? Here are a few pointers that you can apply when you start with your search:

1. The perfect venue can house your number of guests comfortably – One of the most foremost aspects to look at in event planning, and  when hunting around for a party venue, is a place’s capacity. This can vary, but more often than not, you will be checking out how many seated individuals a place can accommodate. Do take into consideration the kind of meals you will be serving, whether it’s going to be a sit-down dinner, a cocktail party, or a concert or presentation-style kind of event. Make it a point to analyze its configuration as well, and think about the placements you’ll be having in your party. You might want to bring an event planner with you, to help you plan the layout of tables, chairs, food carts, decor, and other items. Make extra effort to ensure that the venue will not look cramped, nor too bare.

2. The perfect venue is conveniently accessible – In event planning, guests are among the major priorities. In addition to yours, it is their satisfaction and enjoyment that matters the most. And all these, can actually start from their travel to your venue.

In choosing yours, think about the general location from which your guests will mostly come from. If a good number of them will be traveling long distance, you might want to have your venue in an area near transportation terminals or hotels. Think about the various modes of transport your guests can take to the place where you’ll be having your celebration. The ideal venue is one that allows them to take both private and public transport without any major hassle.

3. The perfect venue has the technical capabilities and amenities for your event – During the event planning stage, you’ll be able to determine the various kinds of technical requirements you will be needing. Inquire about their audio-visual equipment, and whenever possible, test their capabilities. You might also want to do an online search of events previously held there, just to give you an idea of the acoustics in the area prior to your actual visit to the venue. Knowing these details may actually help you save on the additional costs of renting equipment.

If you are holding a party with a buffet or plated set-up, you might also want to check if they have a sizable and well-equipped kitchen with a clean-up area. There should also be well-maintained restrooms in the venue.

4. The perfect venue has sufficient parking space – Event planning is not just about the party proper itself, it’s also about the before and the after – and both involve having decent parking space for your guests. Consider the number of attendees you will be having, and the capability of the venue to accommodate your prospective number of parked vehicles. In addition to the size of the parking space, do look into its upkeep as well – is it well-lit, clean, and secure? A yes answer for all three is a positive sign.


But of course, there are other factors to consider based on your party priorities. Cost, overall ambiance, and even insurance are also part of the bigger picture. The tips above can be used as a guide in trimming down your list of venue choices.

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