Event Planning 101: How to Choose A Party Theme

Gone are the days when event planning and parties simply meant getting people together, serving good food, and having some nice music. While these are still equally Nowadays, having a theme is crucial for one to move onward and forward with party details, including the menu, color scheme, decor, and other significant aspects of the event. In recent years, it has become a core element, enabling the party host to give the event planning stage a more focused direction.

Now that themes have become the soul that gives a party its identity, how exactly do you make the best choice for your event? Here are some tips you’d want to make sure to remember:

1. Choose a theme that highlights your purpose.

In event planning, having end goals helps you pick out the details you have to focus on. For example, if you are planning a kiddie party and you want your guests to participate enthusiastically throughout the event, you choose a theme that allows you to have more interactive moments. If you are planning an elegant wedding and you want guests to have a whimsical experience, you choose a dreamy theme that lets you play around with the setup and the littlest details.

2. Choose a theme that is appropriate for the event you are celebrating.

There are several party themes to choose from. They range from simple, to complicated, to even crazy and outrageous. But, in making your choice, it is important that you keep in mind that it should be appropriate to the kind of event you’re having. A classic situation – there are hundreds of kiddie party themes that can make yours totally unforgettable, but it is essential that your event planning choice is one suited to the age of the celebrant and the guests. Corporate events also require making careful selections in terms of party themes, as it has to jive with the formality and business nature of the event, the end goals, and the general demographics of the participants.

3. Choose a theme that is truly interesting.

Party themes don’t always have to be generic. You do not have to make do with just the common choices, even when you just want a ‘simple’ event. In event planning and picking a party theme, you can always go out of the box and experiment. Combine themes or go with the least usual choice. You can also tweak a common theme and personalize it by adding a unique element. In making your choice, ask yourself this question: “Will this theme make me want to attend the event?” If you find yourself answering with a solid and resounding yes, then go with it and dedicate your best efforts to making it happen.

4. Choose a theme that you can execute.

With event planning and party themes, you can let your imagination soar – for as long as you end up with a choice that is actually feasible and workable with your given time, budget, and resources. It is ok to be at your most creative, but you must also remain practical and realistic. A well-chosen theme is one that fits your preferences, your purpose, your guests, and most importantly your abilities to execute.


Get and stay on the right track with your event planning and party preparations by picking the ideal theme for your celebration. Release your creative powers, and then make a careful and well-considered choice.

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