Event Planner Presentation Tips That Will Get You Hired

The new generation of clients for event planners have already leveled up.  They no longer just need chairs, tables, and some pretty ruffles and swags. They are into themes and their logistical needs are detailed. They are always on the lookout for something new to offer their guests.

With these to consider, an event planner is also expected to bring more to the table than just the usual matching tablecloths and crystal glasses. Impress the most discerning potential clients by making use of these tips on putting together an irresistible event planning presentation:

Put your most unique foot forward. 

Even if showing off your best work as an event planner has always helped you snag the job before, you might want to consider doing it a little differently this time. Pick out previous projects that you consider one-of-a-kind. They don’t have to be perfect, but they definitely have to be wonderfully executed. This way, you will not only catch your  potential clients’ attention but also their interest – they won’t just look at your work, they’ll want to find out more about what you can do as an event planner.

Showcase extraordinary events you’ve organized, and get to expand your market. You might just find yourself carving your own niche in the industry.

It’s not just you, it’s the client. 

In putting together a presentation or proposal, it is important to think of it as something that you do for the happiness and satisfaction of your clientele.  Yes, consider how you can earn from it as an event planner, think of how you can make a particular event reflect your unique trademark – but, don’t ever forget or fail to prioritize what your client wants you to deliver.

Put together a presentation that highlights aspects that most potential event planning customers look for like venues, stage setup, food providers, light and sounds, mobile bars, program hosts, and more. Offer package deals that are budget-friendly and comprehensive enough to cover all the event planning needs of the clients. Better yet, provide personalized packages! Offer them add-on options that will really add value to their event.

Be innovative. 

Does your marketing paraphernalia as an event planner reflect your seamless planning skills and awe-inducing creativity? If it doesn’t, then you might want to consider giving your materials an overhaul. Skip the printed brochures and have some three-dimensional paper art showcase your best work as an event planner. Don’t just put up a blog, set up a website! Maximize your social media pull by sharing your video blogs and even tutorials.

Make your presentations and proposals an experience, not just  a visual. Use videos, animated art, three-dimensional renditions, interactive programs, and the like. You’ll surely make an undeniable impact that will be talked about by your audiences.

Be punctual and personable. 

No matter how creative an event planner is, no matter if he has such an attractive package to offer – all that will make a lesser impact if he is very late to client meetings or are rude or sound uninterested in discussions.

Make a great impression by being at the meeting venue fifteen minutes before the agreed time, be ready with presentation materials, and always make your client feel they are being listened to. Give helpful suggestions, share stories, and make your client feel at ease with you. Most importantly, don’t forget to flash a genuine smile.

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