Basic Tips For Booking Live Performers

Booking Live Performers

Planning any event can be challenging, especially when you need to book live performers for the occasion. Dealing with other people means having to set expectations and specific requirements. However, there’s nothing quite like having live entertainment to take your event to the next level! If you’re unfamiliar with booking live performers, here are a few helpful tips:

Get To Know Your Live Performers

Most event planners will be booking a performer that they haven’t met before, but thanks to online platforms such as EventKickstart, you’ll have access to performer profiles. These profiles provide a quick peek at their services and it’s also a great way to see if they’ve worked at similar events.

A particular performer can have a great profile, but you need to consider if their performance style will be a good match for your event. Don’t hesitate to ask them for additional links to photos, reviews, videos and other media. You need to be 100% comfortable with them before going to the next step.

Read Performer Reviews

Getting honest feedback from actual customers is a vital part of the buying process, especially in today’s crowded market.  Many customers won’t even consider paying for a product or service without reading reviews first. When it comes to booking live entertainment, the process should be the same. Before deciding on a performer, take a look at reviews from past clients and try to see if they answer these important questions:

  • Did the performer show up on time?

A first-rate professional is someone who is always prepared and on time.

  • Did the performer communicate clearly?

Keep an eye out for reviews that mention communication skills.

  • Did they meet or go above and beyond client expectations?

When a performer exceeds expectations, positive reviews are guaranteed!

Plan Ahead

Discussing setup details and asking about any particular requirements that the event pros need before booking them is a fool-proof way to avoid unneeded stress. Knowing their needs as early as possible will help ensure that the event will run without a hitch.

Do they need a stage or dressing room? While most event pros will indicate specific setup requirements in their profile, it’s better to be safe than sorry and go over these questions directly.

Do they need access to a power supply? If electronics are going to be used, make sure they have access to electricity and that extension cords are available.

Are they able to perform during adverse weather conditions? If you’re holding an event outdoors, having a back-up plan is a must in case it rains. Make sure you have an alternative location ready or at least be relatively near a covered area.

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